Coloniality of the Algoritm Surveillance

Demarcations, limits, borders

May 21, 2018


Demarcations, limits, borders

“No” as a border, a demarcation. Consent, then as a negotiation of borders and lines across the interpersonal. (A possibility of radical consent: border negotiation that transcends the merely personal). Non consent as the purposeful stepping into spaces: the invasion, the occupation, the reproduction of occupation in virtual spaces (ie social media). The colonizer, the settler, the white cis man arrogates the right to draw borders, step over borders, ignore borders, eschew negotiation. The coercion of the State through the use of public spaces as sites of permanent surveillance (everyone’s faces on databases; “public space” defined as a site of no protections, no right to say no to the State’s constant vigilance). The settler drawing borders and enforcing them with violence (death). The Mediterranean as the mass grave of enforced borders.

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